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We are excited to announce that the Board of Directors of GCRFC and Mobile United FC have formally agreed to partner the two organizations to form a “Premier” level club for the ages of U13 – U19. After years of competing against each other on the field, our leadership from both organizations feel that it is in the best interest of our youth players of this area that we work together rather than pull each other apart. Bringing together the two leading premier youth soccer organizations in the area creates multiple new avenues for all youth players within the soccer community. Gulf Coast Rangers and Mobile United will continue to offer all their respective programs and levels of competition from top to bottom. Union 10 FC’s objective is to unite the efforts of its partnered clubs and house the players that may be seeking a higher level of competition. A place where players can reach for, strive for and possibly represent our talented youth along the Gulf Coast.

Gerardo Flores

Director of Coaching

Kevin DeLange

Director of Coaching


Football Club


We all want to make the best moves for the club to provide the best soccer experience we can for our players and families. We have identified that we are not fulfilling a level of competitive play that some of our players would like to experience. To make that a good experience, we must look to another pool with top-level talent that complements our own.


Mobile United has been an established club in the City of Mobile for over 15yrs. Gulf Coast Rangers FC was formed in 2015 with the two clubs from Fairhope and Daphne partnering to provide a similar level of experience.


The Union teams will train 3 days a week, alternating training from Daphne to Mobile, and work on a 2 week cycle. The training days and times will be announced once the teams and coaches have been set.


Union’s goal is to offer the next tier of competition for our local players. The season will consist of regional leagues, top division tournaments and showcase events for the older ages. We believe this opportunity will reinforce our player pathway, create an exceptional training environment and offer a level of competition that is unmatched in our area.

FAQ: # 1

Q: Can a player from Rangers/Mobile United guest play or train with a Union team?

A: As part of our player pathway, we will closely observe and work with players from both clubs to ensure that the players who are showing positive strides in their respective club’s teams can be offered training and guest playing opportunities with a Union team.

FAQ: # 2

Q: Can a player from Union Player guest play or train with a Rangers/Mobile United team?

A: Being that Union plans to compete in the highest level of league competition, players will not be able to guest play in state league competition. However, if a player’s schedule allows for guest playing opportunity in a tournament or friendly match, in which it is a benefit for the player and the team, then a Union Player can guest play with a Rangers/Mobile United team.

FAQ: # 3

Q: What happens to players who are not chosen for a Union team?

A: It is our ultimate goal to offer a healthy and safe learning environment along with the appropriate level of play for each player. A player who does not make a Union team is still a priority. A Rangers/Mobile United player will still be encouraged to train well, learn, grow, develop and compete at their respective level. Whether that level is Division 1, Division 2 or at a recreational level – A player’s growth, enjoyment and development is not predicated on playing for one level or the other.

A Message from DOCs

We are excited to inform you all that our inaugural season at Union 10 FC is coming together. After an extensive trial phase of over 350 players, we have narrowed it down to 170 players and 10 top teams…

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